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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

First Aid at Tudor Primary

We will phone you or your emergency contact if your child becomes unwell during the school day, or if they are known to have head lice or if they have had an accident that we feel requires a further conversation with you. Please make sure that we have current contact numbers.

For certain infections and contagious diseases there are fixed times for which a child must be off school so please contact your doctor, NHS Direct or the NHS website at to enquire about this if you are in any doubt. When considering returning a child to school after illness, please take into account the daily school routines and outdoor play which will require a certain level of fitness. Should your child require medication during school hours you are welcome to come into school to administer it to ensure correct dosage and timing.

Dealing with Minor Injuries

In February 2021, the school received an update to the training for ensuring high quality first aid. All members of the staff team attended and we look forward to maintaining the high standards of care for everyone who comes to Tudor each day- children and adults alike. The training delivered was delivered by Stuart Gray of Paramedic Rescue Services.  As well as being a member of the college of Paramedics, he is an active front line paramedic in London.

Head bumps

Current advice is that ice packs are not required when dealing with a bumped head. Going forward, Tudor Primary will not be giving children ice packs for such injuries. If staff believe that a bumped head requires additional monitoring, the child will be given a green wristband so that adults (including parents) coming into contact with the child later in the day are aware of what has happened. You will not be called unless the staff have additional concerns for your child’s wellbeing.   All head bumps are recorded on our accident forms.


On the extremely rare occasions that children receive a splinter, staff will encourage the child to remove it themselves. It will not be covered with a plaster.


We will no longer be sending home letters in relation to the provision of a plaster. Furthermore, recommended practice states that plasters should only to be applied when a wound is actively bleeding.  Whilst children do enjoy receiving plasters, this guidance will ensure that any wounds are dealt with more appropriately (so they can heal quicker!).


If a child has required use of an inhaler, this will be recorded in the home/school diary. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that all medication (including inhalers) is in date and available in school.

We are committed to ensuring high levels of care to your children: high teacher/ pupil ratios are in place at school during break and lunchtimes.  All staff attend First Aid training every three years, which ensures there are always high numbers of first aiders present on the school premises.  In addition, staff working within the Early Years setting, also receive paediatric first aid training every three years.  This was completed most recently in November 2020.

To ensure that we continue to risk assess our procedures, accident forms are monitored and any trends or patterns are noted and acted upon. These reports are also shared with our school governors to ensure our systems are robust.

When in school, in loco parentis (in the place of a parent) is our legal responsibility when supporting children. We will continue to evaluate our approaches when delivering first aid so that they remain safe (and well) in our care at Tudor Primary School.