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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Our Rewards at Tudor Primary

Merits and Stickers are part of our reward system to encourage children to utilise their full efforts in all areas of the curriculum and aspects of school life. When a child has shown consistent effort at their own personal level in any area of their schooling (social or academic) they can receive a reward.

Children in the Foundation Stage and Key stage 1 receive stickers to signify pleasing performance. For similar success in years 3 to year 6, a ‘Merit Mark’ is added to their merit chart. This takes the form of signature on a small 100 square in their home/ school diaries.

Merit Certificates

As the children continue to set a good example they can aim to receive a certificate by achieving different merit milestones:

25 Merits- Bronze Award

50 Merits- Silver Award

100 Merits- Gold Award

150 Merits- Diamond Award

Certificates will be presented during Friday assembly. Children will have the opportunity to stand up and be congratulated on reaching the milestone.

Megan was our first ever 'Diamond Award' winner:

Use of other rewards

Other rewards may be operated by individual class teachers with their own children as individual or group awards such as ‘Marbles in the Jar’ but the merit system should be the focus when encouraging all children to be positive pupils of Tudor Primary.