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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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Thursday 19th May 2022

Newsletter 16

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Our curriculum- Intent, Implementation and IMPACT!

As you will be aware, the Tudor thematic curriculum that was introduced in 2017 is a key part of what makes our school SPECIAL. We do know that we do things ‘a little differently’ but our curriculum INTENT remains for it to be engaging and accessible to all whilst making each day inspiring and stimulating. We continue to adapt and refine our plans so that they reflect the children’s interests as well as current themes in society. We certainly do not simply repeat what we’ve done before- the teachers are learning (and making progress!) just as much as the children- as one parent called out to me the other morning- EVERY day is a school day! I could not agree more.  

The teaching TEAM at Tudor really do a super job at IMPLEMENTING our aims. As I walk around school, it never fails to amaze me how the team presents the learning to the children and enables them to be successful. The joy of learning that is created was certainly evidenced in the recent pupil survey too when the children gave feedback about how much they enjoyed their school. Conversations with children are always the most rewarding (and HONEST) source of evidence. Just this week I was with a child in reception and he had just completed some work on life cycles of butterflies. I then saw ‘our’ red kite soar overhead and we just naturally started talking about the bird’s life cycle- the use of language (and related facts) that he naturally used was awesome. Other examples this last week also included Olivia’s and Samson’s holiday reports from Southend- check out our twitter page to see how the year 2 team have brought that learning ALIVE!

Uniform- ensuring your children are TRULY ready for #TeamTudor

Whilst we have clear guidance with our uniform at Tudor, it is noticeable that not all children are following expectations. As clearly stated on our website, we ask the children to wear grey trousers/skirt/shorts, a white polo-shirt and a royal blue sweatshirt/sweatcardi. Children should not be wearing tracksuit bottoms as part of their main uniform. Shoes must be completely black. Whilst 'active' shoes/ trainers can be worn they must not have any coloured logos/ laces/ soles. In regard to hairbands/ clips, these should also be appropriate, some are becoming rather large! Thank you in advance for your support in ensuring that your child is appropriately dressed for school. We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage parents to check that clothing is labelled- the lost property pile is building up and not a single item of this clothing is named.

Keeping your children safe online

It was pleasing to see the numbers of parents who attended the e-safety presentation last week. We continue to have a clear section for helpful tips on this area on our website- follow his link:

Safeguarding is a focus for all schools and we are proud of the robust systems that we have in place. If you need to report concerns about a child that you are worried may be being mistreated or abused then call 0300 123 4043 or visit the safeguarding area of our website where you will also find information regarding 'How to spot abuse' and, 'Keeping young people safe online'. 

Inclusion at Tudor Primary- a message from Miss Reading- our Leader for Inclusion:

Christina Phillips, our Family Support Worker, continues to offer monthly telephone surgeries available to parents and carers of pupils at Tudor. If you would like advice, guidance or support relating to any issue that is affecting your family, please contact me at and I will arrange an appointment for you. Christina will also be attending our next 'Tudor Coffee Morning' on Monday 20th June at 9am - we hope you can join us. If you have any concerns or questions about your child's wellbeing, academic progress, or anything else you can contact me via telephone, email or find me on the playground. Alternatively, you can contact the Educational psychology advice line 01992 588 574 (available Wednesdays 2pm - 4.30pm).


TRULY being part of a COMMUNITY

Thanks to the children and parents of Tudor who took part in the recent Great British Spring Clean. As well as being very deserving of a rather awesome certificate, they are helping keep our locality clean and tidy for the community to enjoy. WELL DONE TO THOSE WHO TOOK PART!

IMPORTANT DATES (including class assemblies)- STAY INFORMED

PLEASE do engage regularly with our awesome website- we endeavour to keep all the information up to date so it should be your first ‘port of call’ for finding out school information and news.

These are the dates for the remaining class assemblies for the academic year:

26th May- 3T              

16th June-2Q             

23rd June-1P             

1st July-2R                  

8th July 1O

Monday 27th June is our (school selected) bank holiday. Sports Day for years 1-6 is on Mon 18th July with Nursery + Reception Sports on Tues 19th July. Check the website for transition days, reception parent meetings, end of year report meetings, Rock Steady concerts, schools visits and MORE!

Children who attend well, ACHIEVE WELL. Giving EVERY child the OPPORTUNITY to SUCCEED

It has been pleasing to see some improved attendance rates recently. Last week we achieved over 97%. Whilst some parents may feel that having holidays/ time out of school is not a major issue, there is a considerable amount of evidence to challenge this. In our pupil progress meetings this week, it was highly evident that those children who are making the academic and social development that we would expect are those children who enjoy a sustained experience of school. Children only have ONE chance at an education and EVERY DAY truly does count- check out the rapid development that can be made with our young minds- the two pieces of writing below were only a few school weeks apart:

Some amazing members of #TeamTudor will be retiring this year.

It is very sad to share that some WONDERFUL members of #TeamTudor will be leaving us at the end of the year. Chris Chaplin, Sheila Cleaver and Margaret Taylor have been incredibly committed to this school for a long time and we will certainly miss them all when they say goodbye in July. We are already planning an appropriate way to wish them well in their well-earned retirement. As you will be very aware, they have all been hugely valuable in the progress and support of SO many children (and adults!) in our community. They TRULY are #TEAMtudor… and they ALWAYS WILL BE.

Talking of long service(!), the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is happening soon. As well as some special assemblies and activities around school, we invite all the children to wear non-uniform clothes of RED, WHITE and BLUE on Friday 27th May.

Mr Weightman



PTA letter:


Friends of Tudor (our PTA) have been active since 1992 and have organised fun family events such as the Summer Fetes, Fireworks Display, Discos, Quiz and Bingo Nights. FOT funds have paid for, or contributed towards items such as the Sail Shade, Maze Bench, Playground Markings and the amazing Tudor Towers which our children love!

Unfortunately, we are unable to continue and are putting these events and future planned events on hold due to the lack of volunteers attending PTA meetings. Whilst we appreciate people who volunteer at actual events, it takes a lot of time to organise these; they don’t happen on their own and we can’t do it with a skeleton committee. To give you an idea, it takes approximately 20 helpers at a Disco and 40 for the Summer Fete and we have currently 4-6 people attending our PTA meetings.

We all joined the PTA to feel a part of the school and give something back, and you can too. FOT are recruiting more volunteers to attend our meetings for an hour once a month. These will be held on the last Thursday of each month, starting with the 31st of March. We would like either one representative from each class, or 2 per year who will attend meetings regularly and relay information back to parents, perhaps via your class Whatsapp group.

If you would like to see a Summer Fete and attend future events such as a Pamper Evening, then please consider coming along to our meetings - We would love to see some new faces! 😊

Please register your interest by completing the form on the letters in book bags and returning it to the School Office by Thursday the 24th of March.

Many thanks in advance

Friends of Tudor