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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

As headteacher, I continue to be very impressed with the behaviour of children in and around school. I believe that the happy, smiling faces are because the staff and community of Tudor Primary work together to ensure that appropriate behaviour is modelled and maintained.

'Pupils of all ages mix with each other well.' (Ofsted, March 2017) 

'They (pupils) show respect towards each other and adults.' (Ofsted, March 2017) 

Please keep an eye on this website to see any adjustments/ updates to our positive behaviour strategy. Our website also includes support guidance for when you feel things are not going as well as you would like.

Remember... we must all work together to ensure a safe and happy school for all!

'They are reflective, thoughtful individuals who are prepared well by the school to be good citizens in the future.' (Ofsted, March 2017) 

Our most recent behaviour policy (as well as other support materials) can be accessed in the 'Behaviour' page of the 'School and Governor Policies' section of the website.

For quick access, use this link