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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School was able to provide a phased re opening for all year groups during the summer of 2020. 

The first year groups that returned were Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. Tudor quickly extended this offer to Year 2 and Year 5 on Monday 22nd June, and to Y3/Y4 w/c Monday 6th July. It was SO important to help children reconnect with their school.

This page also shares some of the adjusted/adapted approaches that we put in place to support every family.

Our plans for Autumn 2020 are for all children to be able to return in classes of 30. There will continue to be a number of additional measures in place. These have worked well during the summer term. 

So what is September at Tudor likely to look like?

Whilst children will be able to work in full classes of 30 and be in their uniforms, children will remain in rows and there will be some changes to the way our curriculum is delivered. Furthermore, there will be no assemblies in the hall and there will be no use of the dining areas. Children will have their own classroom resources to use and enhanced cleaning of surfaces and classroom equipment will remain. An extended window for drop off and collection will be in place too as well as the increase in the number of entrances and exits.

Children can be dropped off from 8.45-9.05 and collection will be possible from 3.05 to 3.15.

This has worked well and we continue to request that children are only dropped off/ collected by a single person. Positive parent feedback tells us that families have appreciated our clear expectations. There will still be ongoing concern about the health situation and if we work together and stay alert, Tudor will remain a very safe place for your children to be.

Expectations for attendance?

All children will be expected to return and close work alongside the attendance improvement team at county will continue. Government guidance highlights those children/ families with poor attendance prior to the pandemic will receive additional focus. Do ensure you are aware of the county attendance policy that the school adheres to-follow this link. Due to our aspirational approach for your children, attendance will remain a key factor at Tudor- it is a huge factor for achievement and wellbeing and we trust that all families work with the school in support of their children’s futures.

There is an extensive list of FAQs below. This will be updated as required. The school's School Reopening Risk Assessment is also available.  Contact the school if you would like a copy.

Sunday 31st May web update- use this link-

Drop Off and Collection:

- Only one parent/ appropriate adult to enter school site for drop off or collection per family. For September 2020 onwards (until further notice) drop off is from 8.45am-9.05am and collection is from 3.05pm-3.15pm.

-There will increased access points to the school site. The large blue gates as well as the pedestrian gates will be used to increase the capacity for space. Please ensure you respect government guidance regarding social distancing as much as possible. Let's work TOGETHER.

-All children (including Nursery) must be dropped at the door and there will be no access to the classrooms for parents.

What if my child is displaying symptoms?

If your child is displaying ANY symptoms of COVID-19 (temperature over 37.8/ persistent cough) they must NOT be brought into school under any circumstances. If school believes that your child is displaying symptoms, they must be collected immediately. Additional info -

This page will be updated when required. A copy of the original letter to parents is attached below.


School Reopening- Frequently Asked Questions:

If I choose not to send my child to school, will they still be able to receive home schooling opportunities? All children will be expected to attend school. Our attendance policy will remain in place.

Can you explain in more detail the differences between shielded people, vulnerable people and extremely vulnerable people? Further advice can be found here

What steps are you taking to keep the school clean? The school will receive enhanced cleaning each day and will include the disinfecting of door handles, light switches, tables, laptops, etc. To make this manageable, we will reduce the use of some equipment or equipment which is difficult to clean. An example of this will be limiting access to the 'Tudor Towers'.  We will be encouraging the children to assist in the cleaning of their own work space where possible by wiping their own pencil case, water bottle and table space. All children will be taught to wash hands regardless of age and this will be a regular, daily message. Children will also wash hands as they enter the school building.

Will staff be wearing PPE equipment? The formal advice suggests PPE equipment will not be needed in most cases unless closer contact is needed e.g. an unwell child or a child who has hurt themselves. However, staff may feel more comfortable wearing equipment and I am happy for them to wear this if they so wish.

Are children allowed to wear PPE equipment? We do not expect children to wear PPE equipment but if it makes them or you as a parent more comfortable then please feel free to use. School cannot provide this equipment.

My child has special needs, what will be done to assist them? At this time, the government are relaxing expectations for children with an EHCP (see here for details ) However, we will do everything in our power to ensure children receive a good education. All class teachers are skilled in provision for SEND children. Miss Reading (INCo) will continue to be highly pro-active in her engagement of children with additional needs.

What lunches are on offer from the school?  We are offering a reduced choice of school lunches each day.  A reduced choice means we can avoid the use of the dining room and children moving around the building. It also helps facilitate outdoor picnics where the weather allows and for lunches to be eaten in classrooms. Tables will be wiped before lunch.  Packed lunches from home are also allowed, in a packed lunch box/bag or if you prefer a disposable carrier bag. If you have a lunch box, we recommend these are cleaned thoroughly on return from school, and wiped clean before leaving the home.

Week 1: (w/c 29 June & 13 July)

Monday = Cheese and Tuna baguette packed lunch

Tuesday = Burger, Veggie Burger, Cheese baguette packed lunch

Wednesday  = Burger, Veggie Burger, Cheese baguette packed lunch

Thursday = Ham, Cheese and Tuna baguette packed lunch

Friday = Ham, Cheese, Tuna baguette packed lunch


Week 2: (w/c 22 June & 6 July)

Monday = Cheese and Tuna baguette packed lunch

Tuesday = Quorn hot dog, Ham baguette packed lunch

Wednesday  = Quorn hot dog, Ham baguette packed lunch

Thursday = Ham, Cheese and Tuna baguette packed lunch

Friday = Ham, Cheese, Tuna baguette packed lunch


These are served with vegetable sticks, a piece of fruit, a bottle of water and a muffin/shortbread/cookie.

Do children still need to wear school uniform? School uniform is to be worn from September 2020. 

Will Breakfast Club and After School Club be offered at this time? Unfortunately, we are unable to offer full access to these services. There will still, however, be a limited breakfast club offer. Contact the school office if you would like to request a space.

What about clubs in general? We are unable to offer any of our usual clubs at this moment in time. Mr Higgins and Mr Poole will be providing ‘contactless’ fitness fun activities during the school day and at breaktimes.

What will happen to Consultation Evenings, class assemblies and other school events.  We plan to hold consultation evenings in Autumn 2020. There will obviously be some adjustments to ensure social distancing. Please await further information. 

How will you maintain a level of social distancing at lunch and break times? We will utilise our full Tudor site. The groups will play in separate areas of the playground/ field and this will be supervised by staff. We have also staggered playtimes and lunchbreaks to reduce the amount of children outside in one go.

What steps are you taking to keep staff safe? The safety of staff is of paramount importance. Those that are working in school have been given advice and support on how to stay safe and we have discussed a variety of protocols to enhance the safety and wellbeing of the staff team. Whilst we cannot maintain a 2m distance for the children, staff will be able to maintain a 2m distance for most of the working day. I have been thrilled with the commitment and drive demonstrated by #TeamTudor throughout this difficult period.

Will teachers still have PPA time? Yes, this will remain an entitlement in Autumn 2020. Staffing provision will be delivered by teachers within a phase/ year group of the school.

Can my child bring a bag to school? Children are asked to NOT bring in unnecessary bags. Children should bring their own water bottle, as we will not be using school fountains for obvious reasons. The bottle should be labelled and taken home each day.Packed lunch bags are also allowed, as is any pre-agreed medical equipment.

How did staff feeling about reopening? Engagement of staff remains very strong. There is naturally a sense of worry, concern and reticence amongst staff but the team is also naturally very positive and forward thinking. We are all united in wanting to see the children again and we want this to be as safe as possible. We are keen to serve and do our bit but would ask that you reinforce at home the distancing rules which we are putting in place in school.

Where can I find further general advice?  The following links may be helpful:

Additional info-

- Do not use the red home/ school diaries for communication. Use the and use the subject to highlight which member of staff you would like your message forwarded to. Please use this website as much as possible when you are seeking school information.

- We believe that there should be a personal choice about the wearing of face masks. Please do use them if you would prefer.

-The school has a supply of PPE. This will be used when required..

-The full site will be used to support social distancing. Year groups will be able to access different areas for breaktime and lunch periods. Additional school staff will be able to support with safe practices at such periods away from the classroom. There should be minimal contact between year groups but this cannot be guaranteed. (DfE advice states, primary aged children cannot be expected to remain 2 m apart.)

Further reading:

 'So what is it REALLY like in school?!' Follow the link:

It was appropriate to have a detailed plan in place rather than simply initially ask parents whether they will be sending their children to school: your decisions would rightly be influenced by how school will be organised!

An important consideration is that, as the DfE advice states, primary aged children cannot be expected to remain 2m apart. We will aim to ensure our school expects (and implements) high standards of care and safety but we obviously cannot guarantee that children will remain socially distant from each other.