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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

The most important 'teaching resource' in any school is the staff team. We remain very proud of the team we have in our school and we are delighted with the feedback we receive from a range of sources. 

'Fantastically warm and welcoming... Leaders foster positive relationships with parents and staff. Staff feel valued. They say leaders are conscious of their workload and support their well-being. (Ofsted, December 2022)

'If you are offered an opportunity of a teaching placement at Tudor Primary, you take it!' (University of Hertfordshire, 2020)

Our Staff Team

Headteacher- Rob Weightman

Deputy Headteacher- Maxine Smith

Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion- Katie Reading

Leading Practitioner (Specialist for Teaching and Learning)- Emma Cosby

Phase Leaders (which phase)- Jodee Price (EYFS), Louise Scott (KS1), Maxine Smith (LKS2), Andy Munro (UKS2)

Office Team- Kim Cohen, Corine Shipton, Hayley Wash

Teachers- Jodee Price (EYFS), Jordan Pike (EYFS), Jess Adams(EYFS), Katie Manzie (1P), Rose Houston (1O), Louise Scott (2R), Danni Cohen (2Q), Gabby Gamble (3S), Ella McKenzie (3T), Millie Grundy (4V), Shannon Foy (4U), Geraldine Sentance (5X), Emma Cosby (5W), Andy Munro (6Y), Alex Crowder (6Z)

PPA Teachers-  Jordan Higgins, Naheed Rafiq-Craske , Rhia Smith, Lyndsey Umney

Pastoral Support- Emma Green

Teaching Assistants/ MSAs/ LSAs/ Breakfast Team/ The Hangout- Faiza Ahsan, Sidra Ahsan,  Lucy Barry, Laura Claridge, Caroline Durham, Wendy English, Amos Fernandez-Winfield, Wendy Frampton-Salter, Sue Gordon, Annabel Grant, Debbie Grant,  Mary Hall, Kellie Hayes, Brooke Higgins, Lesley Higgins, Mandy Hughes, Fay Jones, Sarah Knight, Bobbie McGee, Astra North, Raluca Onigas, Shalini Parke, Brandon Poole, Joshua Robinson, Gemma Ross, Geetha Selva, Liz Southcott, Lyndsey Umney, Dylan Wendleken

Bi-lingual Support- Sumina Hasseb

Site Manager- Kevin Denny

Cleaning Team-  Dave Bridgman, Astra North, Andrea Sells, (CleanForce)

Sports Team- Jordan Higgins (Sports Coach)

Staff are always HAPPY at Tudor- check out a video we made during the rather challenging period of school closures:

NQTs and ECTs

The school works closely with the University of Hertfordshire and many of the present teachers started their teaching careers as Newly qualified Teachers (NQTs) at Tudor. Whilst the terminology has changed (NQTs are now ECTs- Early Career Teachers), our commitment to ensuring that teachers here are supported effectively is a key part of our success. In fact, as we tell the children, we never stop learning! A number of our teaching staff have also gone on to leadership positions in other schools- we are a team that strives to give the children our BEST!