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By now, you will have received your home learning packs for the summer term. Additionally, you should have also received an email with information and a log in for Google Classroom. If you have not got these, please contact your class teacher ASAP.

From the start of the summer term we will be using Google Classroom to set work, as well as using it for pupils to send completed work back to us or us ask questions.  To help find your way around Google Classroom, we have put some tutorials together – just click on:

Commenting and navigating Google Classroom

Uploading work and showing you have completed work

We will aim to set daily English and Maths activities (these may include the CGP books or ideas based on the learning from them), plus a weekly task for the other subjects we cover at school.

The work that is set can be completed in whichever way is easiest for you, whether that is online, in a book or printed off. However, we do expect any work to completed to the same standard of presentation and effort as it would at school.

Do remember that normal school practice in regards to conduct also applies as we work within our virtual classroom (please read the notice at the bottom of this page).

Be Kind, Be Responsible, Be Respectful.

As well as the set work, we would also like children to carry on with their usual ‘out of school learning’ (such as daily reading, Lexia, Spelling Shed and and for them also to keep active each day.

If you are looking for inspiration when staying active, do check out:

  • Mr Higgins’ Daily Challenges (posted to YouTube and twitter every day)
  • Joe Wicks Workouts at 9am
  • Max Whitlocks workouts
  • Walk/bike rides 
  • Home workouts 
  • Oti Mabuse’s free dance classes
  • Challenges from our external providers - PSA Pro and Sport4Kidz

If you have any questions, please ask- we are all learning together.  We can be contacted on:

Miss Houston:

Miss Manzie:


About us ...

We have two year 3 classes at Tudor School. 3T’s class teacher is Miss Manzie who is assisted by Mrs Hall, Mrs Parke, and Mrs Hughes. 3S’s class teacher is Miss Houston who is assisted by Mrs Davis and Mrs Ross. Mrs Rafiq-Craske also teachers both classes on alternate Wednesdays and b​​oth classes also enjoy a weekly sports session with Mr Higgins, our sports coach.

Ms Smith is our phase leader for Lower Key Stage 2.

In this area of our website, you will be able to take a look at the fun, interesting and exciting things your children in Year 3 will be getting up to this year. We will also be uploading termly topic webs to go into more detail about each area.

Please bear in mind this is a working document, as we as the teachers will be personalising the learning and topic links throughout the year to meet the children’s needs.


Summer Term

Our topic this term is ‘What a Wonderful World’. During this topic, we will be exploring different aspects of our wonderful world with a specific focus on Rainforests. We will be looking in particular at deforestation and the impact humans are having on the world around us, in particular the rainforest. We will also be looking at how we can help.

In English, we will be using a range of text types linked to our topic including both fiction and non-fiction. We will be starting off by looking at writing a newspaper article and writing about a man who is helping to save the rainforest. We will be looking at some amazing animals that live in the rainforest like the Jaguar and writing a non-chronological report. We will also be writing a letter to David Attenborough about all that we have learnt about the rainforest.

In Maths, we will be reviewing areas that we have previously learnt such as multiplication and division and fractions. They children will also be learning about statistics, time and geometry including angles and properties of triangles.

Our Science focus this term will be linked to ‘What a Wonderful World’ and will include learning about animals and their habitats. We will be watching some David Attenborough clips and sorting and classifying jungle animals. After half term we will be looking at plants and their lifecycles. We will be conducting different experiments, to explore parts of the plant and how it works.


This term we will focus more on Geography. We will be looking at different rainforests around the world in particular the Amazon rainforest. We will be looking at deforestation and how it impacts different parts of the world. We will also be looking at the climate in the rainforest and comparing it to here in the UK.

In Art and D&T, we will be focusing on our drawing skills and collage skills creating different art pieces that link to the topic. We will also be looking at some famous artists with links to our topic including Henri Rousseau. We will also be looking at a project that the Eden project took part in a few years ago. We will be creating our own art in the style of British artist John Dyer and Amazonian Indian artist Nixiwaka Yawanawa.

In Computing, we will be creating our own online surveys and looking at how to communicate via email.


See the summary below for more details and check our blog regularly to find out about our latest learning adventures!