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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Y6 Curriculum

The two Year 6 classes are currently taught by Mr Munro (6Y) and Mr Crowder (6Z) and they are supported by Mrs Parke, Mrs Durham and Ms Gordon. Additionally, Mrs Smith and Mr Higgins teach Year 6 on a Friday.

This section of the website will provide you with information about what is happening in Year Six. We will update the blog each week, sharing learning highlights and some key information and news.

Year 6 is a year filled with many excellent opportunities and experiences for the children, however it does come with some extra responsibilities. Our topics this year are ‘Raiders and Traders' (Autumn), ‘Extreme Environments’ (Spring) and ‘Step Back in Time’ (Summer).

Children will be set homework weekly. The homework in CGP books (reading, maths and grammar) will be set on a Thursday due in the following Wednesday. Spelling homework will be set each week (supported on Spelling Shed) and there will be a spelling test the following week. In addition, children are expected to read daily and have their reading records signed. These will be checked each morning and there will be rewards for consistent readers.

Both classes will enjoy two weekly sports sessions.  Please ensure pupils have the correct kit in school for these sessions. 6Y's are on Tuesday and Wednesday and 6Z's are on Wednesday and Friday.

Have a look at our current topic web to give you further details on the areas of study.  Please bear in mind that this is a working document and the plans will be adjusted to suit the children in the class and their interests.

Additionally, this term hosts the Year 6's residential trip to PGL on the week beginning 16th October. Please see additionally letters and documents below for further information.

If you have any questions or would like any more information, please use the red books to contact your class teacher.

Year 6 Thematic Learning – Autumn 2023

Our topic this term is “Raiders and Traders”. We will be learning all about the Saxons and Vikings and linking this across the curriculum. We also have our PGL trip on Monday 16th – Friday 20th October.


In English, we will start by writing character and setting descriptions inspired by the text, “Odd and the Frost Giants”. Then, we will write a newspaper report on the Lindisfarne Raids. After half-term, we will be writing the epic “Saga of Bjorn”, as well as looking at some poetry and persuasive writing.

Odin - World History Encyclopedia

In maths, we will be focusing on covering place value and then focusing on calculations skills. We will be particularly looking at formal methods of long multiplication and division. Once the children are confident in this, we will apply these in a variety of contexts and also begin to explore fractions. 

In Science, Year 6 will be looking at “Living things and their habitats”. This will include looking at classifying these into groups and looking at micro-organisms. Additionally, we will also cover “Animals including Humans”, where there will be a focus on the circulatory system and how nutrients are transported around the body.

In topic, we will be becoming more-able geographers, by developing our world knowledge, using maps and technology, and understanding about settlements and trade routes. In addition, we will be becoming more confident historians, as we develop our inference skills using a range of sources to understand how the Saxons and Vikings lived in the past and creating and asking questions to deepen our knowledge further.

In computing, we will explore maths puzzles using coding and will look at how technology can help us become better “Travel Writers”. Our two weekly PE sessions will both focus on attacking skills but will vary between individual skills and team based techniques.

In D&T, we will be using Viking slippers as inspiration to create our own pairs. We will create our own design brief and develop several designs before practising our sewing skills. Next, we will use our designs to create a product and then evaluate how well it meets our brief. Whilst in Art, we will be looking at creating patterns and textures through the use of printing.

Our PSHE coverage will explore 'Me and my relationships' and 'Valuing difference', look out for our letter with further information about this learning. During our RE sessions we will explore 'Beliefs and Practices' as well as 'Prayers, Worship and Reflection' these will explore a wide range of beliefs but focus upon: Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism.

French will continue to be our modern foreign language of choice and this term will focus on the language which might be commonly used when visiting a French town. Finally, our musical genre this term in the Blues - keep an eye of See-Saw for their compositions in the future.