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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

 A place to find out all the fun and learning happening in Year 5

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  • Year 5 Phone Home!

    Published 20/04/18, by Emma Cosby

    Year 5 start their journey back in time....

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  • A reflection on science week by Lucy 5W

    Published 26/03/18, by Ella McKenzie

    By Lucy H (5W)

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  • Science week 2018

    Published 15/03/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning about ways to measure our heart rates, and what happens in the water cycle - 

    What kind of shorts do clouds wear? Thunderwear!

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  • It's Tudor's Book of the Day!

    Published 09/03/18, by Emma Cosby

    5X celebrate Tudor Book Day!

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  • Time to pack!

    Published 07/02/18, by Emma Cosby

    Thinking about surviving in Antarctica

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  • The first winner of 2018!

    Published 02/02/18, by Emma Cosby

    January's Morning Maths Winner!

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  • A crushing good time 

    Published 02/02/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Q: What's the difference between an iceberg and a clothes brush?
    A: One crushes boats and the other brushes coats!


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  • Chillin' with the penguins at London Zoo 

    Published 22/01/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Today we had the opportunity to video chat with a zoo keeper from ZSL!

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  • We are SO Rock and Roll!

    Published 19/01/18, by Emma Cosby

    An action packed start to the Spring term.

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  • That's a Wrap for Christmas!

    Published 20/12/17, by Emma Cosby

    Prize's galore in 5X

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  • Mountains aren't just funny - they're hill areas!

    Published 18/12/17, by Ella McKenzie

    Ready for our next topic  - Extreme Environments!

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  • Let's Get Ready To Crumble!

    Published 08/12/17, by Emma Cosby

    5X work on a proto-type for their biscuit project

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