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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

 A place to find out all the fun and learning happening in Year 5

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  • We found Pluto... at the end of the school field!

    Published 17/01/19, by Ella McKenzie
    Today in science, we marked out the distance of each planet from the sun using a trundle wheel. We found that planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars were quite close together, whilst the other planets were quite far away from each other. By the
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  • Weighing up the pros and cons of sending animals to space

    Published 16/01/19, by Ella McKenzie

    Coming up with points for our balanced argument 

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  • Total Eclipse in our Art!

    Published 11/01/19, by Emma Cosby

    5X's Solar Eclipse art work.

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  • A change in space for our library corner

    Published 20/12/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Giving our library corner the attention and care it deserves!

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  • What the Dickens ?

    Published 14/12/18, by Emma Cosby

    5X get all 'Dickensian' for Christmas

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  • Oh Christmas Play, oh Christmas play....

    Published 05/12/18, by Emma Cosby

    Information about costumes

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  • Division by sharing

    Published 03/12/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Using counters to represent division problems 

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  • Canoe name all the Maya transportation methods

    Published 20/11/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Exploring ways that Mayans transported goods,

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  • Naahbucks hot chocolate

    Published 12/11/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Testing hot chocolate for our D&T project.

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  • Area and perimeter problem solving

    Published 17/10/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Finding out how many Pok-a-toc ballcourts we could fit on our school playground.

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  • Area

    Published 16/10/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning about area in squares and rectangles. 

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  • Square number temples

    Published 09/10/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Using square numbers to build Mayan temples

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