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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

 A place to find out all the fun and learning happening in Year 5

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  • Making maracas!

    Published 19/09/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Making DIY maracas in music!

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  • Decimal race

    Published 18/09/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Securing our confidence with tenths and hundredths 

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  • Kiln it!

    Published 17/09/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Making pinch pots out of clay.

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  • The paper bag factory

    Published 12/09/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning about how people living in poverty might make money

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  • Hot or cold?

    Published 12/09/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Counting forwards and backwards through negative numbers!

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  • Crooked Rules

    Published 08/09/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Learning about place value in large numbers. 

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  • Buy your totally legitimate Abibas footballs here!

    Published 05/09/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Making footballs in PSHE

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  • You scream, ice cream, we all scream for the summer holidays!

    Published 20/07/18, by Ella McKenzie

    End of the year ice cream party!

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  • A PIZZA the Action!

    Published 18/07/18, by Emma Cosby

    5X celebrate working as a team- by making pizza!

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  • Down by the River

    Published 10/07/18, by Emma Cosby

    Year 5 have been studying local rivers

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  • Hemel Hempstead - It's a blast!

    Published 02/07/18, by Ella McKenzie

    Writing newspaper articles about the Buncefield explosion

    By Lucy and Ethan (5W)

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  • Ready, Set......GO!

    Published 26/06/18, by Emma Cosby

    Candice Yorke reports on 5X's PE session

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