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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Here is a place you can find out about the many exciting things happening in Year 6.




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  • Space Visit

    Published 08/03/19, by Andy Munro

    Year 6 had a visit from Sirius Astrology this week. It was very informative and entertaining. We learnt about: how to get into space; how to survive in space (including about what happens when if you were to be in space without a space suit); visiting Mars; and how to return to Earth. 

    Luckily we didn't loose anyone on our trip (apart from maybe a few eyebrows)







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  • 6Y Assembly

    Published 31/01/19, by Andy Munro

    Spaceship Earth

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  • Spaceship Earth

    Published 17/01/19, by Andy Munro

    Classrooms taking shape

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  • Spaceship Earth

    Published 09/01/19, by Andy Munro

    New Year - New Topic

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  • Completed Masks

    Published 29/11/18, by Andy Munro

    I hope you have seen the mask that has been brought home by now but the display in the classroom looks very impressive.

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  • Maya Masks

    Published 24/10/18, by Andy Munro

    Clay work

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 21/09/18, by Andy Munro

    Parents Meeting

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  • Spellings for Easter

    Published 29/03/18, by Andy Munro

    Here are the spellings to learn that you will be checked on when you get back.

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  • Maths Revision

    Published 21/03/18, by Andy Munro

    Revision support

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  • SPaG

    Published 05/02/18, by Andy Munro

    New Home Learning

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  • For those about to Rock...

    Published 17/01/18, by Andy Munro

    Year 6 Rocksteady Workshop

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  • Expedition Planning

    Published 05/01/18, by Andy Munro

    We are about to embark on a rescue mission!

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