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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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  • News Update- Term well underway!

    Published 15/09/17
    Parent meetings, new clubs, new opportunities... Read More
  • UPDATE- After School Opportunities- 'A New Start'

    Published 11/09/17
    Lots of interest in new clubs... Use this website for extra information! Read More
  • Newsletter Alert! Keep up to date with news and info... 

    Published 07/09/17
    Lots of things to share at the start of the year... Read More
  • Welcome to the new academic year! 

    Published 01/09/17
    The Tudor Team is looking forward to seeing you all... Read More
  • FOT Adventure Day

    Published 30/08/17
    FoT Welcome new families and our existing ones Read More
  • The Tudor A-Z of 2016-2017...

    Published 21/07/17
    During our final assembly,  we looked back at the last academic year...  Read More
  • Final newsletter of the year... and news from the school's Governing Board

    Published 20/07/17
    Ending the year in the right way- but with an eye on next year already... Read More
  • 'Culture Club' is a feast of fun! 

    Published 18/07/17
    Tudor Primary's annual celebration of community and culture is a hit for all... Read More
  • What a super, sporty success of a day!

    Published 14/07/17
    Lots of happy faces at our annual sports event... Read More
  • REMINDERS- Non-uniform is Wednesday and Sports Day is Friday!

    Published 11/07/17
    Keeping you all updated! Read More
  • 'Get Active' with Junior PARKRUN...

    Published 11/07/17
    A fun opportunity for everyone from 4-14! Read More
  • A day of transition... but recognising achievement...

    Published 06/07/17
    New classes, new teachers, new schools! Read More