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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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  • Southend and sixes, beaches and bats!

    Published 20/06/18
    Getting out and about... Read More
  • Latest Newsletter Online- Number 17- 14th June

    Published 14/06/18
    Some important announcements about life at Tudor Primary- do stay informed... Read More
  • ‘Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best’.

    Published 19/06/18
    Tudor school is hosting an assembly by the ‘NED’ team which encourages children to ‘Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best’. The 45-minute production focuses on the importance of persistence, having a growth mind-set, kindness, diligence, and excellence – all qua... Read More
  • A Positive Progress Review!

    Published 06/06/18
    Our school continues to receive positive feedback from county advisors... Read More
  • Equality - our value for the month

    Published 03/06/18
    Equality is a simple concept but also has the potential for deep understanding. As we explore it with the children, we will discuss respect and fairness, and the implications of prejudice and discrimination. Read More
  • Latest Newsletter Online!

    Published 25/05/18
    So many things to share about life in Tudor Primary... Read More
  • The Tudor Beach Day

    Published 24/05/18
    Donkeys, Punch n Judy, Candy Floss,  Bouncy Castles, Ice Cream, A Sandy Beach, Popcorn,  Water slides, paddling pools... and SUN IN THE AFTERNOON! Read More
  • Walk to School Week

    Published 17/05/18
    2018 is Hertfordshire’s Year of Physical Activity and your challenge is to support your child/children to participate in Tudor school's Walk to School Week. Read More
  • Cycling proficiency, SATs and so on...

    Published 17/05/18
    A time to shine... Read More
  • May 11th Newsletter is in book bags...

    Published 11/05/18
    Lots of important news to share. Do stay informed... Read More
  • Read all about it!

    Published 27/04/18
    Latest newsletter now online (and in book bags)... Read More
  • 'I believe in challenges!'

    Published 27/04/18
    Headteacher is here to serve... but HOT CHOCOLATE?! Read More