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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

The Tudor Headteacher's Award

At the end of each term, each classteacher choses two children from their class for the 'Headteacher's Award'.

In a special assembly,  the classteachers share the 'story behind their success' with all the children in school. The child also receives a special certificate to commemorate the achievement.

Their name is then added to the 'Tudor Primary Roll of Honour' which can be found below.

Roll of Honour 2017- 2018

Summer 2018


Harry S- For always trying his hardest within anything that he does. Harry has a great mind-set for learning which supports his resilience and determination. He always stays to complete his work to the best quality possible and does so with pride.

Eadie W - For constantly being a positive role model within Reception. Eadie has made great progress this year and continually tries to support others both academically and emotionally, which will really support her as she continues her journey throughout school.

Mason G- a positive and happy young boy and brings lots of fun and laughter to the classroom. He has grown so much in confidence and we are so proud of the amazing progress he has made this year.

Rosa S S-M- For making fantastic progress, particularly in her writing this year. It has been wonderful to see her grow in confident and she always puts 100% into everything she does. 

Year 1

Ewelina J- For always trying her hardest even when she finds something challenging. For always doing the right things and being a Tudor role model. For finding the confidence to talking in front of her peers and answer questions. 

Milan M- For being a true Tudor role model who ensures every piece of work is completed to his best ability. He is always doing the right thing and is kind, polite and helpful. 

Dylan M- he has worked consistently hard in all areas of his learning and made good progress. His behaviour reflects a true Tudor pupil.

Shreya K- she has produced some fantastic pieces of work all round and demonstrates excellent behaviour here at Tudor.

Year 2

Kaiden S- he has entirely come into his own this year. Kaiden has amazed us all this year with how thoughtful, helpful, considerate and compassionate he is towards everyone he meets. We are all incredibly proud of everything he has achieved this year.

Ayan W- he has progressed significantly this year at Tudor. Most noteworthy has been his increased confidence when speaking to his peers and adults. He now confidently shares ideas in class and this is something he should be incredibly proud of.

Cezary C- for the fantastic progress he's made this term. Cezary has listened well and pushed himself to achieve more at school. Well done Cezary!

Alfie C- for being a star pupil in class. He's helpful and responsible. He's always keeping our classroom tidy and organised. Alfie has also learnt to persevere when the work gets tough. Well done Alfie!

Year 3

Elin M- For being a kind and caring member of 3S. She always tries her best and she is always well behaved. Well done Elin.

Nicole T- She is a bubbly, friendly character within 3S. He handwriting is beautiful and her writing is a joy to read, she takes great care and attention with her work. Well done Nicole.

Bobby B- Bobby is an enthusiastic learner who always challenges himself and works hard.  This term, he has put a huge amount of effort into improving the quality of his writing and has really taken on board next steps comments, with some very good results.  His work is always of a high quality and he sets a great example to others. 

Niya P- she takes a real pride in her work which has got neater and neater as the year has progressed.  She has produced work of a consistently good quality across a wide range of subjects and has particularly grown her skills and confidence in Maths.  Niya faces every challenge with a smile on her face and is a pleasure to teach.

Year 4

Jack D- a  vivacious, well-mannered and loveable boy, who is self-motivated, focussed and very hard-working in all of his learning. Jack is always ready to share and help. He is an absolute pleasure to teach.

Erin A- she has worked very hard this year. She is the perfect example of the success you can achieve when you attend school every day, do you best all the time, never quit trying and ask for help when you need to. Erin, I am very proud of you.

Jamie G- Jamie is an excellent student- a kind, caring, determined boy. He has challenged himself all year and given his all.  I can always rely on Jamie as he is always ready to learn. An excellent role model. I am really proud of his great progress this year.

Elvie J- Elvie has come on leaps and bounds this year. She is a confident, determined, hard working member of the class. Elvie has never given up and shown enthusiasm towards all of her learning. I am so proud of how much she has grown in maturity this year as well as the fantastic progress she has made.

Year 5

Poppy M- Whatever is going on in class, Poppy is doing the ‘right thing’. She works hard and well in all lessons, even if it is a bit tricky. Her contributions in class are always well thought out and help others. Most importantly, no child in class has been nominated more for the monthly values award. Poppy is a true Tudorite!

Candice Y- Candice would be the first to admit she is not always perfect and she is working on how to be a better friend to all the people in class, but she has come so far this year. Looking at her progress- she should be beyond pleased- especially in English. Her enthusiasm has given her a real foundation that has led to excellent work in class. I know that she will do well in her new school in Year 6. Show them the ‘Tudor way’.

Aarna P- she works so hard at everything she does. Her work is always neatly presented, and she will always seek ways to improve it further. Aarna consistently shows her values and treats all adults and classmates with respect – she is a role model!

Angela G-she has worked very hard this year. She can always be seen with her head down, getting on with her work. I am especially proud of her progress in maths this year as it has shown that her consistent hard work has paid off!

Year 6

Jaiden P - for outstanding effort and contributions all year. In every lesson he wants to do his best and he has achieved some phenomenal results because of his effort and determination to better his previous achievements.

Ruby-June S - for always having a positive attitude towards her school life; she tries her best, has achieved very highly (especially in Grammar and Spelling) and most of all always puts a smile on the faces of those she interacts with - particularly the adults.

William F- for outstanding achievement in all areas of the curriculum and making amazing progress. He demonstrated what someone can achieve when they work hard and is determined to succeed. 

Daniel V-  an outstanding member of our school community. He is very respectful, caring and hardworking. Daniel has excelled in all areas of the curriculum this year despite English being his second language. His positive attitude towards his education and those who work with him make him a truly remarkable pupil. 

Spring 2018


Bailey T-B - For continuing to make progress and constantly wanting to improve. Bailey struggled at the beginning of the year to fit into the routines of school life, but has transformed and always asking to participate in activities to challenge his learning further.

Abbey C - For being an excellent role model to all children within the whole Reception. Abbey always contributes to class discussions and demonstrates fantastic learning behaviors, by being resilient and focused within all her learning. Well done Abbey!

Isabella K - For trying so hard to improve your writing and speaking this term. You put so much effort into everything you do at school and this is evident in the amount of progress you have made. You have such an excellent attitude to learning and never fail to have a smile on your face.

Daniel P - For outstanding progress in writing this term. Your focus and determination has enabled you to become so confident with your writing and we are very proud of all that you have achieved. Keep up the hard work Daniel :) 

Year 1

Romesha A- For becoming an independent learner and trying her best in everything, when when faced with a challenge. This has reflected in her progress across all subjects. 

Joshua P- For becoming more responsible and making good choices. This has reflected in his focus in all subjects, he always shares in fantastic ideas and takes pride in his work.

Emily-Ann B – Very hardworking and has made good progress in all areas of the curriculum. She displays a positive attitude in her learning. Well done, Emily.


Celeste S – Always producing very neat work all round which includes fantastic joined up handwriting. Well done, Celeste.


Year 2


Abi J - For a remarkable effort to improve her handwriting and quality of content this year. She has set herself targets and consistently hit them in order to maximise her progress, a shining example of taking responsibility of your learning.


Alex N - For his impressive attitude towards his work and his own achievements. Alex also finds time to help others progress and is always on hand to lend some helpful comments to his peers to help them on their learning journey.


Marlie M- He has developed an excellent writer's voice. His spelling is very impressive and he has a fantastic writing stamina. Marlie's handwriting has recently achieved a very high standard. Well done Marlie!


Imogen P - Imogen is a great listener and always tries her best. She has made great progress in English. Well done Imogen!

Year 3


Mason T-B- For growing in confidence and for coming out of his shell and showing his funny and charming personality. This has also helped him become more independent, contribute to whole class discussions and progress especially with his maths.


Tilly-Mae B- For constantly trying her hardest in all areas of learning which has enabled her to shine through in maths with making good progress.

Annabelle S - She has a really mature attitude to her work and is always keen to do her best.  She works consistently hard across the curriculum and has produced work of an increasingly high quality.

Max W - He doesn't always find tasks easy but always puts in a huge amount of effort.  He has worked particularly hard this term to improve the quality of his writing.

Year 4


Alex A- His attitude is exemplary. He gets excited about learning new skills and always welcomes challenges. He is a pleasure to teach.


Karthika P- A conscientious learner. She tries her hardest and is always ready to take on new challenges. Well done Karthika.

Erin M - For being a kind, caring, responsible member of 4V.  Erin consistently works hard and her behaviour is exceptional. She is a great role model to the class and is always so polite.  Well done Erin. 

Jeswin Jacob A-  For his enthusiastic positive attitude towards learning. Jeswin always comes to school with a smile and is so keen to learn. He has made great progress so far and grown enormously in confidence. Very proud of you Jeswin.

Year 5

Chloe A-  Chloe has a positive go-get them attitude towards all areas of learning.  She is keen to take part in all lessons and has really started to focus in more on her work.  As well as this, Chloe is positive and supportive of her classmates around her, looking at ways to help them and encourage them.


Ricky H-  Ricky has worked so hard on his reading this term and it is showing in the progress he is making.  By being careful and taking his time in his work, he has not only improved the quality of content his answers, but he has also worked hard to improve his handwriting!  More importantly than this, Ricky is a fun and caring friend- he helps include class members and always has a cheeky grin ready to go.


Archie B – For being an excellent role model to the other children. He always puts 100% into everything he does and it shows in the quality of his work.


Lucy H – For always taking good care of her presentation in her books, trying her best, and contributing her fantastic ideas in class.


Year 6


Chantelle K - For consistent effort to improve, especially in maths. Additionally for being a good role model through recognizing when she has made a mistake, being truthful and trying to be a good friend.


Kayley O’B - For some great improvements across the curriculum and improving self motivation. She is beginning to aim higher for herself - keep it up and strive for more - you will succeed with dedication.

Annamaria S - Her thirst for knowledge has led to her making very good progress this term. Anna is also very well behaved and displays excellent manners.

Nawal A-M - She is one of the most disciplined pupils in the class. She has a very high standard for herself and is quietly resolute to do well. This attitude has helped Nawal to become one of the Arithmetic champions in 6Z.

Autumn 2017


Janelle Y - For making good progress this year from nursery, constantly trying her hardest to improve and to help others within the whole of Foundation Stage. 

Aiden W - For excellent motivation into improving his handwriting and developing making good progress within phonics over the past term.  

Aidan K- For continually setting a positive example for the rest of the class. You always tries your best in everything you and take such pride in your achievements. 

Matilda C - For such an amazing improvement in your phonics and writing! You are such a kind and polite member of the class and you never fail to make us smile.

Year 1

Ellis L - For being a Tudor role model. Always following instructions, trying his best and making the right choices. Ellis tries his hardest in absolutely everything that he does even when he finds something challenging. What a superstar!

Grace A- For working hard to become more focused and independent in class resulting in great progress so far this year. Everyone that works with you is super proud! Keep it up!

Mya C- Mya always tries her best in all areas of learning and demonstrates outstanding behaviour. An excellent Tudor role model.

Oscar G- Oscar has made an excellent effort to produce really good work all round. He listens well and responds thoughtfully and with enthusiasm.

Year 2

Keiren H- Keiren consistently tries his hardest in everything he does. He is a true behaviour role model, who strives to produce his very best work in all subjects.

Harry W - Harry works hard in all areas and embraces challenge with an enthusiasm everyone could learn from. He throws himself into every aspect of school life and is a pleasure to teach.

Isabella E- Isabella for striving to produce neat work that shows her at her best. She has been listening hard and made great leaps in her learning this term. Well done Isabella!

Harry B - For listening carefully and asking questions to check he is achieving his full potential in any task. Harry cares about his work and strives to do his best.

Year 3

Leo P- Is a hard work individual who always strives to do his best in all subjects.

Stanley W- Constantly has a hard working ethic. He is always ready to learn which portrays in his contribution to class.

Evie K - Evie has been working really hard in all areas this term.  She always tries her best, even when she finds something difficult.  She listens carefully, joins in well and is a great role model.  Well done Evie!

Lewis M - Lewis has had a great start to Year 3.  He shows a really mature attitude to his learning and has improved his confidence, particularly in Maths.  He also responds well to next steps, using these to improve the quality of his written work.  Keep it up Lewis!

Year 4

Vincent H- During this term, Vinnie has demonstrated a very positive ‘Can Do’ attitude. He is always ready to try and he never just settles for the ‘easy option’. He gives 100 percent in all his learning.

Scarlet H- Scarlet is a consistent, conscientious learner. A model pupil. She maintains a very high standard in all areas of school life and continues to challenge herself. She is a pleasure to teach.

Anisia P- For being a conscientious, kind, caring member of the class, a true role model. She always gives 100% towards all aspects of school life. Anisia has made outstanding progress this term, I am very proud of all her achievements. 

Esa S- For striving to do his best with all of his learning. He has made great leaps in all areas consequently he has made good progress. I am very proud of his achievements. 

Year 5

Tyler B- This term Tyler has really started to focus and have a try at different learning situations.  He is showing how keen and hard working he can be- this is seen especially in how hard he is working on his handwriting and times tables.  As we have gone through the term it has been amazing to see the change in his work- long may it continue!

Fearne P- Fearne is willing to have a try at something, even if she can not see the answer straight away.  She tries hard and wants to do well in all sessions (sometimes getting it absolutely right can be worrying, but she is starting to see the importance of ‘mistakes’ in learning).  More importantly, Fearne is a good friend.  She goes out of her way to talk to others, especially if they are on their own.  This term she has shown true care for people- and she did it without knowing anyone was watching her!

Kieran B- Kieran has made so much progress in terms of his attitude towards his learning this term. He is becoming more and more responsible each day and, due to his improvement in concentration, he is independently producing work to a high standard, especially in English and Maths.

Aleena A- Although Aleena produces her work to a very high standard, she is also always reflecting and looking for areas she can improve on. She is an excellent role model to the other children!

Year 6

Clara E - For her effort to stretch and challenge herself, particularly in maths, this term. She has made excellent progress due to the fact she has had high expectations for herself and began to develop more self confidence to tackle work with independence.

George H - It has been a joy to watch George develop his confidence to tackle increasingly challenging work and develop a dedicated attitude towards all his work. He has made great strides with reading and writing but his progress in maths has been particularly outstanding.

Paulo Magalhaes- This term Paulo's work, behaviour in class has just been phenomenal. He consistently excels in Maths and Grammar and is always evaluating his work to find ways of improving.

Ethan Giblin-Rodriguez- At the start of the term Ethan was quite worried about life in year 6. He has worked extremely had and have overcome his fears. Ethan is one of the highest performing pupils in the class because he has adopted a positive attitude towards his education.  

Roll of Honour 2017- 2018

Summer 2017

Headteacher’s Award Summer 2017


Maryam R

For a tremendous change in her attitude towards learning- inside and outside of school. This has led to Maryam achieving great phonics progress and success in both her reading and writing. 

Robert Z

For continually exceeding targets throughout the whole year of Reception and having a constant positive attitude to learning. Robert is dedicated, well behaved and a pleasure to have in the class. 

Ellis L

For showing such determination and enthusiasm in his learning. He has made amazing progress this year and we couldn't be prouder of how confident and independent he has become. 

Layla M

For always putting 100% into everything she does and for being such a kind and caring friend to everyone. She is an asset to the school! 

Year 1

Kezia A

Kezia has worked extremely hard and made excellent progress in all areas of the curriculum with a very positive attitude. Well done Kezia!

Jaden Y

Jaden has made a really good effort to produce some fantastic work this term. Well done  Jaden.

Zachary C

For a huge turn around in his attitude towards school and learning. He now produces work that he is proud of, contributes well in lessons and is enthusiastic about learning.

James V

For being the most enthusiastic child about learning. He loves learning and is so excited to gain more knowledge, this reflects in his work and progress from this year. 

Year 2

Edward F

For his enthusiasm to learn and desire to challenge himself. Edward listens carefully and tries his hardest at everything he does.

Klara P

She has read so many books! Her writing has ‘turned into the way’ a top author would write.

Hari R

Hari works really hard in all areas and has done so all through Year 2.  He has a really mature attitude to learning and has made great improvements in his work across the curriculum.

Chloe B

Chloe is a caring member of the class who tries her best in all lessons.  She has produced some great work this year and is always keen to challenge herself. 

Year 3

Wiktoria S

A sensible and hard working individual who always wants to do her best. This is particularly apparent when reading, where her confidence has blossomed through dedication and consistent work at home. This has resulted in some fantastic progress.

Johny McC

Throughout the year, he has worked hard to improve his effort and participation during lessons. This is shown through him wanting to challenge himself and actively improve his work. This improvement in attitudes has enabled him to make some consistently great progress across the subjects.

Tania F

For consistently calm and sensible behaviour, and for applying herself with diligence to every task.

Raheel S

For enthusiastic participation across the curriculum and for  putting 100% into everything he does.

Year 4

Aleena S A 

For being a kind, caring member of the class. Aleena consistently tries her best with her learning, has exemplary behaviour consequently she has made very good progress. A confident, mature, responsible member of the class, an excellent Tudor role model. Very proud of her this year, a joy to teach. 

Tommy J

 Tommy is a happy member of the class, always comes in with a smile ready to learn. He has developed in confidence and maturity. He has made huge leaps in his learning and . Very proud of his achievements. 

Ramone H

Ramone always tries his hardest in school and has worked particularly hard to increase the quality of his English.  The accuracy of his sentence structure has vastly improved and he now punctuates accurately.    He is a kind and considerate classmate who shows respect to his peers and other adults.  He is a delight to teach and a role model in the Tudor school community.  

Hazeema N

For a brilliantly improved outlook on school and the merits of working hard. She is significantly more focussed and a better friend to all- she is a pleasure to have in our school community.

Year 5

Keiran Mernin

The determination and focus he has shown to make amazing progress this term in all areas of the curriculum. We are so proud of you Kieran! Keep it going into Year 6!

Nawal A-M

This year she has worked so hard and it is really starting to show in her work.  She has grown in confidence and her huge enthusiasm has been a real joy in class.  We are so excited to see what you get up to next Year 6!

Katie S

An outstanding member of the class who has a fantastic attitude to learning - always challenging herself and trying her best, whilst also being a role model to others with her standards of behaviour and friendship skills.

Tivona A

Dedicated and passionate about learning, Tivona will regularly put in additional time and effort to improve her understanding and work.  She is also kind and gentle and a great team player.

Year 6

Sara A

For consistently demonstrating excellent behaviour, excellent manners to adults and having an endless thirst for knowledge. Sara is an excellent role model for Tudor school. She is one of the most respected pupil in year 6. Sara embraced every challenge that was given to her and never shirks her responsibilities.

Malachi A

For his academic and social progress this year. Malachi has become much more confident with what he can achieve and is much more willing to persevere until he achieves success. He is always well behaved and full of respect for the adults that work with him. 

Spring 2017

Headteacher’s Award Spring 2017


Harvey F-S

To the happiest boy in red class ,who has transformed this year and made a phenomenal amount of progress in all areas of school life. Well done Harvey!

Noa C

An outstanding role model to her peers. Noa has excelled this year and with her creative mind has developed a real thirst for learning. Well done Noa!

Ruby H

For being a true role model for the rest of the class. She is always attentive and enthusiastic about her learning and goes above and beyond to help her peers.

Ryan M

For persevering and trying his best to improve his learning.  He has made excellent progress, particularly in his writing and is becoming a much more independent learner. Well done!

Year 1

Amy B

Amy works hard in all areas of the curriculum and always gives her best. She is also a kind and thoughtful member of the class. Well done Amy.

Jayden B

Jayden works quietly and thoughtfully in every lesson. He thinks deeply and gives good answers, especially in Maths. Well done Jayden.

Alexandra V

For always trying her best in everything she does, even if she finds something challenging. Her behavior is exemplary and she is a kind, caring and supportive member of the class.  Alexandra is an absolutely pleasure to teach.

Torrin P

Torrin likes to stretch himself and always faces challenges with a positive, resilient attitude. He contributes well in class and always completes his work to the best of his ability. 

Year 2

Luiza M

She has matured so much in the Spring Term. She has become resilient and always makes sensible decisions. Luiza has also come on really well in her school work. This is due to her hard working and inquisitive nature. Well done Luiza!

Rehan H

He is always doing the right thing and a shining example to the class. He is polite and helpful at all times. Rehan tries his best at everything he does and never complains. Well done Rehan!

Timea M

She works incredibly hard and has a consistently sensible and mature attitude to her work.  She can always be relied upon to listen carefully and tries her very best across the curriculum.

Joe K S

This term, Joe has worked hard on developing a growth mindset.  He now perseveres when faced with new challenges and shows a positive attitude in all lessons.

Year 3

Joshua R

He has been continuingly enthusiastic throughout the curriculum, always ensuring he maintains a high level of effort and participation in all lessons. This has enabled him to make good progress, especially with his use of language in his writing.

Crystal B

She has vastly improved her participation and concentration in lessons. It has been really evident that she is striving to do her best and this is coming through in her written work, which is seeing some improvements in the care that is taken when this is produced. She also has developed into a great role model within the class, through her friendship and examples of behaviour.

Ryas H

For consistent, responsible behaviour and always trying his best.

Zoe H

For exceptional effort and determination in all subjects.

Year 4

Charlie K

For being a pleasure to teach in class. He is always ready to learn and tries his best with everything. A kind, caring and helpful member of 4c. Charlie has been making good progress within all areas and has really improved his confidence. A brilliant Tudor Role model. Well done Charlie, I am very proud of you. 

Jasmine P

For being a pleasure to teach in class. She has worked so well in all areas and made good progress. Jasmine always strives to do more and is always keen to work on and achieve her next steps. A kind, caring, helpful member of the class. I am very proud of you and your achievements. 

Jacob S

For always being on hand to help both adults and children at all times.  He has made fantastic progress and this is largely down to his brilliant attitude towards learning and challenge.  

Emily M

For continuing to tackle her fear of maths.  She started the year very scared of approaching anything mathematic and now, where possible, she will attempt the reasoning or the problem solving.  She's learning that if she approaches it with a can-do attitude she can achieve anything

Year 5

Muhammad T

He is keen to learn and use the support that is being given to him.  Also, he is making good choices when working with his classmates to ensure he remains focused and does his best.  He does all this with a wonderful sense of humour and fun!

Amy M

Since Christmas, Amy has come to school with a real passion to do well- she puts in extra effort in areas she finds tricky and is always willing to listen to support from her classmates and teachers.  If she gets something wrong, she picks herself up and tries again until she has it.

William O

For having a very positive attitude to his learning.  For listening carefully to all teaching and following instructions carefully, which has led to great progress in all areas.

Sofi M

For being a kind, friendly and happy member of the class, always working hard, always presenting her work well and for making good progress in all areas.

Year 6

Ceri H

Always demonstrating a very mature and responsible attitude towards school. Her confidence has grown slowly and she is always keen to learn and has exceptional behaviour.

Amos P

A consistent hard worker one who is always willing to challenge himself above and beyond the expected level. Amos is also very respectful and reliable.

March 2017

Autumn 2016


Aaron A-  a complete transformation in his attitude to learning! His phonics and writing have made HUGE progress and he sets an excellent example to his peers.

Amie E -  a hardworking girl who always tries her best even when its challenging. A kind and caring member of the class, whose 'growth mindset' has developed so much throughout this term.

Krishan P-T - outstanding effort and motivation to improve his learning. He has grown in confidence throughout the year and he should be extremely proud of what he has managed to achieve through his perseverent attitude.

Sophia L- making great progress in her behaviour and attitude to school and her learning. She has become such a kind and helpful member of the class and is a  true role model for the rest of the children. 

Year 1

Eliana R -  outstanding behaviour and work in all areas at all times.  She is a conscientious and dedicated Tudor role model who always tries her best in everything she does!

Tyler J -  working incredibly hard this term to make progress in all of his learning.  He has shown huge improvements with his writing in particular and demonstrates fantastic behaviour at all times.  Another excellent Tudor role model!

Kayleigh D- always trying her hardest in everything that she does and striving to be the best she can be. Every day she  come into school with a big smile on her face and a positive attitude.  

Ryan C - a huge increase in self confidence and not giving up when he faces a challenge. Ryan always demonstrates outstanding behaviour and is a true Tudor role model.

Year 2

Nicoleta U- a great role model to others on how to listen well, try your best and present your work neatly. Nicoleta is always helpful and polite. She is a joy to have in 2A because she is always doing the right thing.

Isla J- being a good role model for others in the class. On the carpet, Isla models excellent listening skills and gives thoughtful, well considered answers. When doing her work, she thinks carefully and realistically about what the next step in her learning is then works hard to achieve it.

Calvin C - For making great progress in English and Maths.  He always listens carefully and tries his best.  He has shown a really mature attitude all term, enabling him to make great improvements in his reading, writing and Maths work.

Victor Z - For really working hard to improve his understanding of English.  He has focused well all term and has been very keen to improve his language skills.  As a result, he is now progressing well and is showing a lot more confidence in class.

Year 3

Anisia P-  has developed in confidence, which has allowed her to tackle increasingly complex work throughout the whole curriculum. This has been coupled with careful listening so she can always strive to meet the learning objectives.

Charlie W-  he has shown a very pleasing excitement and commitment to his learning. He is always willing to extend himself and consistently shows himself as a good role model to the class.

Danny W - applies himself thoroughly to every task.  He thinks positive and always keeps trying.  He shows excellent learning behaviour and is kind and helpful to his classmates.  Danny always has a smile on his face and is a true Tudor Role Model.

Kacey D - has worked really hard to improve her concentration and focus this term.  She has made a big effort to challenge herself and to gain independence.  She is always willing to help with tasks around the classroom and undertakes every task with positivity and enthusiasm.

Year 4

Marcell A -  working really hard this term, he has made an incredible effort on his targets.  He is making progress now in English and Maths and has a brilliant, mature attitude towards his work. I am so proud of how far he has come this term in terms of his attitude, learning and his independence/ confidence. 

Grace B - being an excellent representative of 4C. She is polite, helpful, beautifully behaved, kind and a friend to all. She works very hard and is a pleasure to have in class. 

Oliver S - an excellent approach to challenge this year, always looking to do the correct thing and being a positive role model for his whole class.  He has responded brilliantly to new activities this year and continues to excel in Maths in particular. 

Rachel B -  always giving 110% to every activity she is involved in.  She consistently goes above and beyond and also acts as an excellent behaviour ambassador to the rest of her class and her school. 

Year 5

Daisy M - works so hard in everything, is generous with her time with others and supports them well, well mannered and is always looking to do more and be better!


Liam G - has everything he needs to do his best everyday! Focused and ready all the time- puts in extra effort in class and always aims to challenge himself

Ethan N - for striving for excellence at all times, whilst maintaining a positive and enthusiastic attitude.  An exceptional role model.

Ariyana A-R - is independent, organised, co-operative and friendly.  She has a quiet, yet confident,  approach to learning and she takes pride in her work.  These skills, alongside 100% attendance, have enabled Ariyana to have an excellent first term in year 5.

Year 6

Raheel K -  During this term he has demonstrated a phenomenal change in his behaviour and attitude towards his education. His hunger for knowledge is now evident and this makes him a joy to work with.

Megan P-T -   the most consistent pupil in year six this term. Megan is a model pupil. She constantly produces high quality work and challenge herself to achieve above and beyond what is expected. She has been a joy to teach.   


December 2016