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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Home Learning

Tudor 'Home Learning'

- ensuring our partnership remains in school and in the home... 

Some feedback:

'The school has been exceptional during this year. The support on hand from the teachers has been fantastic, and the resources which we were provided with - such as workbooks - were gratefully received.

As neither myself or my husband work in the education sector, home schooling has been both rewarding and challenging. However, I am certain with all this in place, it has made our lives a lot easier. 

We can see the hard work that everyone has put in throughout this difficult time, and are aware that there would have been a lot more implemented behind the scenes. For all of this we are very grateful our children go to Tudor.'


Use this section of the website to find your daily learning activities.  

LATEST update from Herts4Learning on supporting positive learning behaviours with children at home:

Here's another useful link:

In each year group section you will also find the class blogs for more detail- this will include support, teaching points and solutions/ answers to the work.

IN ADDITION, we hope you find the following useful:   

Curriculum Visions- ebooks

This website can support learning in different topic areas. There are ebooks as well as video links about a range of subjects- across the curriculum. You can be signposted to help you find the right level of book.

Log in: TudorStaff/0001

Password: jungle

Reading Books

Access to some free to use book-banded reading books:


This is used in school and children can get free access at home. Play along with the children and practise those sounds!

Use this link to make sure you are articulating correctly:

FITTER FUTURES- daily fitness activities

Fitter Future is an easy to use online The 'HOW-TO' guide is in the attachments below.




To access Fitter Future:

Click here
Username for EYFS / KS1 classes: tudor primary1
Password for EYFS / KS1 classes: 17h8b
Username for KS2 classes: tudor primary2
Password for  KS2 classes: 4u2l9

BBC BITESIZE- learning from the BBC

BBC Bitesize covers a range of subjects. You can access video clips and activities.

For younger learners:

Twinkl - Learning across the curriculum

This is a widely used resource in education. There are lots of things to help engage children. There is a free membership offer avaliable- see below

Maths Shed and Spelling Shed- learning in the core curriculum

Children from year 1 to year 6 are able to access this paid service (for the web version). It contains spelling games and maths games that support and extend number skills. This website is already known to you children as part of spelling support- maths is now available!

Your child's password can access both spelling and maths.

LEXIA- for children who receive this intervention support

For children who have a LEXIA login and receive this support at school, you can still continue with this at home!

Grammar and Punctuation Support- KS2  KS2 children have their own logins from school

LetterJoin - handwriting support

This is a handwriting tool. This can be used on tablets and you can also download worksheets. There are key word lists and there are also some hiher level grammar activities.

Log in details are on the attachment below. There is even a parent manual available to download.

Don't forget to focus on your wellbeing!

Gratitude Treasure Hunt:

Something that makes you feel happy

One thing you love to smell

Something you like to look at

One thing that tastes good

Something that is your favourite colour

Something that makes you smile in nature

One thing that is very useful for you

One song that makes you happy

Something to give to someone else to make them smile

Resilience Bingo

Find one item that makes you feel calm and happy

Think of a time you felt really happy

Take a deep breath in and breathe out slowly

Give yourself a hug

Get a drink of water and look after your body

Find a place at home that makes you feel calm and happy and sit there for a minute

Tell someone you love how important they are to you

STOP! Take a minute to think about what is happening

The Five Senses Exercise

Something you can SEE

Something you can HEAR

Something you can TASTE

Something you can FEEL

Something you can SMELL

Some useful links:

Other ideas?

The attached link has a list of additional free resources that are currently available.
Send photos of your work as well as documents that you have completed- we can share these on the blogs too!


Check out Mr Higgins' Daily Sports Activities too: 

Here are the first few:

Day 1- The Tudor Twist

Day 2- Crazy Golf

Day 3- Tudor Tennis

Day 4- Mission Impossible

Use the links to access the later ones too- there are LOTS of different ideas.

Record your own child's efforts and send them in!

For extra advice and ideas, do look at the attachments below