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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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Tudor Primary School Newsletter 2 - 21st September 2018


Dear Parents/ Carers,

Continuing to drive forward…

There is an increasing amount of evidence that highlights the positive work that Tudor Primary is doing at the moment. This ranges from the more ‘formal’ assessment and test data that shows that Tudor is performing at a higher level than ever before to the feedback that we receive from children and families each day. I must say that seeing just how settled the children have been in these first few weeks fills me with a great deal of confidence for the coming year.

As a school we are determined to keep driving the standards up at Tudor and we are already seeing the benefits of some changes to our approaches in mathematics this academic year. Miss Beck recently joined the school as Maths Lead towards the end of last year and the impact of her role in our school is already evident. Children are approaching mathematics in a much more practical way and the children are enjoying being able to use a wider range of new resources in their maths lessons too.

Nothing pleases me more than when there’s a knock at my door and a child is standing there with some super work to share. Check out Johnny and his maths this week- he is clearly responding to his teacher and making big strides forward. Keep an eye on our twitter page at TudorPrimaryHemel where you can see how effectively the children at Tudor work.

Attendance- signs of success!

Whilst we are in a good position in regard to how well the children attain and make progress, Tudor has spent too many years achieving low rates of attendance.


But will this academic year be the one where we really make a change?

The target for attendance is 97% and we beat that last week! In fact, 11 of the 15 classes at Tudor achieved more than this target and Mrs Pamplin’s class of 1P had a perfect 100% attendance score. I really hope this improved picture is sustained as the year goes on- I would love to see Tudor score the highest ‘outcomes’ in everything that we do- after all, each child only has one chance at education and every day really does count. Here’s a child who impressed me this week- Mrs Rogers told me that Noah had been feeling unwell at home and had not slept very well but he still wanted to come to school though. As this picture shows, he is showing the true Tudor spirit! He clearly deserved a golden Headteacher sticker’- well done young man! 

The Friends of Tudor Family Fun Day

It was super to see how many families came along to the FOT fun day at the Adeyfield Adventure Playground last Saturday. The sun was shining and everyone had a good time. The Friends of Tudor is a real strength of our school and if you would like to find out some more about what they do, come along to the first meeting of the year which is on Thursday 27th September at 7pm in school. You are sure to find some friendly faces that will appreciate seeing you!

Class assemblies- being aware of key dates

Whilst dates have been on the website for a number of months, I think it would be useful to share dates for class assemblies on this newsletter. The children do enjoy performing!

27th September- 4U                          4th October- 2R                     11th October- 5W

18th October- 3T                                25th October- 1O                  8th November- 6Z

15th November- 4V                          22nd November- 2Q             29th November- 5X

17th January- 3S                                24th January- 1P                   

The Tudor Breakfast Club- one of the clubs we are most proud of!

Our breakfast club continues to get super feedback. In addition to the tasty breakfast buffet, this week has seen art and craft activities, badminton competitions and fun computing tasksBooking remains open for our amazing breakfast club. We are committed to ensuring as many children can attend as possible and it will remain subsidised to keep costs low and affordable. Contact the office for more information- it provides a fantastic start to each day!

Helping children make the right choices

I have worked in a number of schools in my career and, during this time, I have had many school dinners. I can confidently state, therefore, that Tudor is a school that has some of the best school dinners around. The kitchen staff at Tudor have seen an increase in the past few years about the numbers of children choosing a hot meal option. As well as being great value, they are very healthy and they also mean that parents do not have to spend time preparing packed lunches at home. Do consider helping your child make the right decision when it comes to healthy lunch choices and a hot Tudor meal continues to prove popular- we think all children should try it!

When parents are set up on schoolgateway, you can even use the app to see what meal option your child has chosen. Do speak to the school office if you would like support using this useful app for managing school payments and looking at your children’s choices.

Whilst not as healthy (!), it’s not long until the first Tudor Owls Cake Sale of the year:

Tudor Owls- Friday (28th September) is cake day. This time it will be the turn of the children in Year 2 to provide biscuits and Y6 to provide cakes. Tudor Owls charge 20p for each cake or for two biscuits. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN CAKES/ BISCUITS THAT CONTAIN NUTS- THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


It has been a positive start to the academic year and I look forward to sharing further good news with you. As a final point, whilst I do think that the vast majority of children look smart each day, please do make sure they are not trying to ‘push the boundaries’ too much when it comes to some uniform ‘extras’ and ‘hair style choices’thanks in advance for your support…

Mr Rob Weightman/ Headteacher