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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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Newsletter 18- 28th June 2018

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Really pleasing progress

Whilst we have a few weeks left this academic year, the teachers have been updating the assessment information and there are a lot of good news stories. Raising the attainment (and rates of progress) was something that I was determined to do when I arrived at Tudor and it is great to see how the school is experiencing a real upward trend in a number of key areas. The percentages of children working at (and exceeding) the levels expected for their age are much improved and I am confident that this will improve even further in the next few years.

An example of the above is how the understanding of phonics has been improved. Such development needs a lot of planning as it involves the transformation of approaches used in the classroom. I would like to say a big well done to Miss Bell and Mrs Allen who have supported their children to meet the aspirational targets that were set earlier in the year. This is just the first step though: current Reception classes are already ahead of where they were last year so the results should increase even further next year. Well done all!

Of huge importance is making time to hear your children read: those children who read to families and friends every day (and show this in reading records) show more progress. Partnership between home and school is so vital and it is great to see how so many children benefit from this- they really enjoy it too!

Sporting success

Academic achievement is one thing but we also recognise the importance of sporting success and being active at Tudor. As part of our commitment to high quality sport, Mr Higgins was pleased to see how well the Reception children did at the ‘Reception Olympics’ and he was thrilled with the 3rd place finish in the Dacorum Schools’ Cricket. Next week, Tudor will be represented at the Dacorum Athletics Championships. Good luck to all those selected!

So who will be teaching your children next year?

I will send a letter home next week to inform parents who will be the teacher for each class from September. It is an exciting time as we have been extremely successful in our drive to secure the best teachers for your children. I am keen to maintain a good balance between experienced teachers as well as those who are new to the profession. Our recruitment was completed early as I had been aware of those moving on to new places (and new opportunities) in good time. To hear that many other schools continue to suffer from recruitment problems is a concern for education in general. Very little is said about this in the national press but this it is something that is predicted to get worse. When I first qualified (over 20 years ago) there was approximately 100 people that applied for that teaching job. That same school would now consider 5 as a large field of candidates…

To keep Tudor strong, I am determined to make sure Tudor is always at the front of the queue and it is positive to know that our reputation as a school is really growing- people want to work at Tudor… and so they should. After all, our happy, well behaved children are the best around!

Attendance- some good news!

Lots of things make me very proud to be the head of Tudor Primary but, as you have probably guessed, one of the areas of concern is the level of attendance for some of our families. I was, therefore, ECSTATIC to see that some of our classes achieved 100% attendance last week. The overall rate for the school was so close to the school target of 97%. Please be assured I will continue to keep a high focus on attendance until it mirrors the success of other parts of our school. I am determined that those who evaluate and inspect our schools recognise that we are doing the right things: children only get one chance for education and true commitment to this will set them up for a prosperous future.

Have you arranged your end of year consultation yet?

Teachers have been busy writing reports and these will be shared in our consultation evenings on Tuesday 10th July and Thursday 12th July. Please make sure that you book your appointment- over 70% have already signed up.


We hope to see as many of you as possible at our summer event on Saturday. It is from 12-3 in the afternoon and there will be so much going on. As well as having a great time in the sun (yes we have even arranged for high temperatures), you will help the FOT raise money for important projects that all children will benefit from.

Musical Opportunities- Traditional and modern…

A letter will be sent out for music in Key Stage 2 soon and this will include the opportunity for additional lessons in some different instruments. Also, do not forget that ‘Rock Steady’ continues to get good feedback in school. Contact them if you would like your child to join in with these band lessons- as our year 6 bands move on, spaces will become available.

Next Friday will be the Tudor Owls Cake Sale:

Tudor Owls- Friday 6th July is cake day. This time it will be the turn of the children in Year 2 to provide biscuits and Y5 to provide cakes. Tudor Owls charge 20p for each cake or for two biscuits. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN CAKES/ BISCUITS THAT CONTAIN NUTS (including cherry bakewells as they have almonds) - THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Some final requests- Brilliant books and being safe in the sun

To help us make it our super library even better, we would appreciate some donations of good quality second hand (or new!) books. If you have some books in good condition and you think they will interest the children, do bring them into school.

As well as applying sun cream on your children, please make sure your child comes to school with a full water bottle each day.

The pace will not slow in these final few weeks as the end of the summer term is always a special time in school. Our super ‘Culture Club’ event is organised for next Tuesday (a few tickets still remain- be quick!) and the children will also be meeting their new classteachers on ‘taster days’ during the following week. What with end of year reports/ consultations, sports day and the events for year 6’s move to secondary school, Tudor will remain a vibrant place to be…

Mr Rob Weightman/ Headteacher