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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

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Newsletter 17- 14th June 2018

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Moving on…

Whilst I have been aware of the following news for a long period of time, I am sorry to say that we will be losing some our team in the near future. I am extremely excited about the team that we have in place for next year but I have had to ensure that I have recruited the highest quality to replace those who are moving on.

Our assistant Headteacher, Mr Gayle has been a very popular part of Tudor whilst he has been here. He now looks forward to his promotion to deputy headteacher in a school much closer to his home and I know that his next school is very fortunate to have him. We will miss his presence around school as well as his big smile.

Miss Cottle is also moving on. She is relocating to another part of the country and the commute to Tudor would be rather too far for her to remain with us! All at Tudor wish Miss Cottle lots of luck in her new school as well as in her new home.

Over the past few months I have shared news about a number of high quality new teachers who we have been very keen to get ‘on board’. The teaching staff is our KEY resource and we are confident about the continued evolution of our school.

Pupil voice

As I often say, our most important ‘clients’ are our pupils. Understanding their views as well as finding out what they would like to change is important and they all completed a questionnaire recently as part of our school evaluation. As always, they were very honest and, whilst some of their requests are impossible to deliver, it is clear that they are very proud to attend their school. I can assure all of you that their feedback will help drive decision making with the school leadership as well as at governing board level.

Importantly, they feel safe and they also know what to do if they are worried about anything. After all, learning can only take place if children feel safe and secure.

Phonics/ moderation

I mentioned in a recent web update how well the school had performed in a recent county ‘progress review’. We should all feel very proud of the growing reputation that the school has and we must remain on the front foot to sustain this upward trend. Being ‘held to account’ is a key focus in education and, in addition to county reviews, the school also receives moderation activities in which we share our outcomes with external advisors. This can be quite stressful but the outcomes at Tudor are rather exciting to share at the moment. Raised standards in Early Years were evident in a recent moderation and in the next weeks, Key Stage 1 look to sharing what the children have achieved in year 2.

The phonics development has also been tremendous. We still look to improve results (why not be the best!) but the progress has really been quite astounding. Every day in school really does count- there is a clear relationship between the high attendance and success in class.

Attendance- trying to work out what is wrong…

I have not mentioned the attendance figures in the last few newsletters and it is quite concerning to share the figures for last week. I know that many of you are aware that low attendance is a problem for Tudor and this remains the case. I find it very hard to understand why Tudor Primary does not enjoy the same levels of attendance as previous schools I have worked in. Parents may feel that extended holidays during term time is an acceptable decision but there is a wealth of evidence to the contrary.

The school’s overall attendance last week was 93.5%. The majority of the absence was unauthorised holidays. As well as limiting social and academic progress it gives the wrong message to children for their future schooling and work careers. Many of those children who have been highlighted as a concern in our pupil progress meetings do not enjoy attendance at an acceptable level-  97% being a basic target.

Analysis of attendance also shows that illness is more ‘regular’ on Mondays and Fridays. If you are finding it hard to get your children in on such days I pledge to be able to support you in any way I can. Partnership is vital in our future success and low attendance at the start/ end of the week indicates that illness may not necessarily be the reason for the absence.

Do remember that school starts AT 8.55am. Children can access classes from 8.45am and teachers have fun learning activities ready each day.

I must say a huge well done to those (many) parents who continue to ensure that their children attend school regularly and punctually.

Reporting on academic and social progress- End of Year Reports

Teachers have been busy writing reports and these will be shared in our consultation evenings on Tuesday 10th July and Thursday 12th July. Please make sure that you book your appointment- over 50% have already signed up. Once again, this is all part of partnership between home and school to provide the best for your children.

Friends of Tudor

The next meeting is on Thursday 21st June at 7.30pm. Come along and help out this super team of parents. The Summer Fete is on Saturday 30th June from 12-3 in the afternoon.  Please help by bringing in lucky jars (a clean jam or sauce jar filled with sweets/ art supplies/ even some soil and seeds or a small cuddly toy!), tombola bottle donations, and good condition toys and books and 2nd hand uniform.  Boxes are outside the school office to leave any donations in.  Donations of cakes for cake stall to be brought in on 29th June

Next Friday will be the Tudor Owls Cake Sale:

Tudor Owls- Friday 22nd June is cake day. This time it will be the turn of the children in Reception class to provide biscuits and Y6 to provide cakes. Tudor Owls charge 20p for each cake or for two biscuits. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN CAKES/ BISCUITS THAT CONTAIN NUTS (including cherry bakewells as they have almonds) - THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

There is so much energy around Tudor and I encourage you to look at our twitter page in addition to the website. If you do not want to follow us on twitter but still want to have a look, just put Tudor Primary Hemel into the search function. I trust that you recognise that, whilst there is some ‘disappointing news’ on this newsletter, the future of our school is bright!

Mr Rob Weightman/ Headteacher