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Dear Parents/Carers,

A wonderful end to the academic year

It is fair to say that I will not forget my first year as Headteacher of Tudor Primary. So much has happened and I think we should all feel very proud of our achievements. Changes are inevitable with any change in leadership but I would like to thank all of the staff who have clearly ‘run with’ the new ideas and initiatives that I have introduced. There have been changes to the building, staffing structure, curriculum, assessment and reporting arrangements and I strongly believe they have all had a positive impact on the children in our school. Academic progress has been impressive and the ‘atmosphere’ around the school continues to be warm and friendly. I have lost count of the number of times parents, visitors, teachers/ leaders from other schools have praised the relationships that exist in (and out) of this school. Our reputation is clearly growing and I will endeavour to ensure that we continue to flourish.       

Parents... supporting the school by doing your bit...

September brings a new school year and I know that you will be impressed with some of the new plans that we have in store for your children- both in respect of the curriculum and with additional improvements to the school site. Please do support the school by meeting our ‘expectations’ in respect of the clearer policy on school uniform. The main clarification does relate to the wearing of BLACK shoes (and only black). Guidance is on the website and please use this rather than advice/ input from your child. As a parent myself I do know they like to ‘stretch’ the truth! If your child wishes to wear more ‘active’ shoes/ trainers please ensure they are TOTALLY black including laces/ logos/ soles. Thank you in advance- I strongly believe that high standards should be expected in all aspects of life in Tudor...

Well done to our ‘Super- Attenders’- every school day counts!

Speaking to a local head, I was given the advice that the use of ‘school fines’ is the main way to improve attendance rates. At present, we do not use such methods as I want to work WITH families to drive up rates of attendance. To highlight this, we have: introduced a breakfast club, developed attendance information for parents, worked closely with our school attendance improvement officer amongst other things.

It is pleasing that I will be handing out many 100% attendance certificates in our final assembly but I continue to be extremely concerned with the number of our children who are regarded as ‘persistent absentees’ with rates below 90%. This equates to 1 day off school in every 2 weeks. As research shows, the impact on the social as well as educational progress of children with such a low level of attendance is huge. Please do all that you can to ensure that your child is where they should be- in school!

New Year?... New Staff...

A big Tudor welcome to Ms Penn and Mrs Parke who will be joining our team in September. Whilst they have been valued volunteers for a period of time, I know they are excited to be official ‘Tudorites’ from September.

Fond farewells

Whilst it is fun to welcome new staff, it is obviously less enjoyable to see members of staff leave. I am sure that you will all join me in thanking the following members of staff for their efforts whilst being part of our school:

Mrs Francis has worked with many different children in support and development of reading skills. We all wish her well in her retirement.

Miss D'Souza is looking forward to a full time classteacher position at a school in St. Albans. The large number of children that she has taught at Tudor will not forget her.

Miss Fordham is excited about 'changing direction' in her career. She continues to be very popular with the children and I am sure that she will continue to stay in contact with the school.

Miss Williams will be leaving us at the end of term. I know that the children in 3W will remember her fondly and I know Mr Munro has also enjoyed supporting her development in the early stages of her teaching career.  

The Friends of Tudor

Thanks to Viv and her committed FOT team. I have worked with a number of ‘parent groups’ during my career and I can assure you that the Friends of Tudor are the tops! I know that they are excited about their future events and I am sure that the community will enjoy what is on offer...

Sports Day and Culture Club

Whole school events are occasions when you can really see how effectively a staff team can work and both ‘Sports Day’ and ‘Culture Club’ showed the unity and commitment of the ‘Tudor Team’. Feedback has been great but what is most important is that the children clearly enjoyed the activities on offer during these events. Miss Cosby and Miss Reading deserve a special mention- they were truly the ‘glue’ that held things together...

Thank you for taking the time to read this final newsletter of the year. Please do also take time to read the accompanying letter from Mrs Howard, our Chair of Governors. The role that the governing board continue to do is extremely valuable and their challenge (and support) is a vital cog in the success of Tudor Primary.

Have an enjoyable and safe holiday. 

Mr Weightman