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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School



We will be using GOOGLE CLASSROOM to support with home learning. Please email your class teachers if you have any issues

Miss McKenzie -

Mr Crowder -

The daily and weekly work is provided on Google Classroom and consists of:

* a daily mathematics activity

* a daily English activity

* a weekly reading activity

* a  weekly selection of topic based activities for you to choose to complete through out the week.

We are also asking for daily reading to be continued and there will be other tasks - such as  homework tasks that may continue.

If there are any queries or problems do not hesitate to get in contact with ourselves or the office team.

We have two year 5 classes at Tudor School.

5W’s Class Teacher is Miss McKenzie and she is assisted by Mrs Wash. 

5X’s class teacher is Mr Crowder and he is assisted by Mrs Durham. 

Both classes are also taught by Mrs Smith.

Both classes enjoy a weekly sports session with Mr Higgins (normally on a Friday), as well as a class teacher led session every Tuesday.

If you want to know what Year 5 learn about through in class through their topic work, then this is the part of the website that will inform you!  

Year 5 thematic learning - Spring term 2021

Our topic this term is ‘Spaceship Earth’. During this topic, we will be exploring the space and our planet, Earth.  

In English, we will be using a range of books and film clips related to our curriculum to explore space. We are going to begin by writing our aims for the term as a STAR WARS intro crawl, then writing a balanced argument on the topic of sending animals to space. We will recount the moon landings as a newspaper, before drafting a narrative about being ‘Lost in Space…’

Later in the term, we will return to STAR WARS to inspire writing suspense stories, followed by writing explanation texts on the water cycle.

In Maths, we are beginning the term by focusing on problem-solving using all four operations, before moving on to converting units of measure.

In Science this term, our two topics are space and states of matter. We will be looking at the spherical bodies of our solar system, including their movements and the effects these have on our planet. When exploring states of matter, we will be investigation the properties of materials, grouping them appropriately and looking at how their states can be altered. Excitingly, this includes building and launching spacecraft!