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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School



We will be using GOOGLE CLASSROOM to support with home learning. Please email your class teachers if you have any issues

Mr Munro -

Miss Cohen -

The daily and weekly work is provided on Google Classroom and consists of:

* a daily mathematics activity

* a daily English activity

* reading activities

* a  weekly selection of topic based activities for you to choose to complete through out the week.

We are also asking for daily reading to be continued and there will be other tasks - such as  homework tasks that may continue.

If there are any queries or problems do not hesitate to get in contact with ourselves or the office team.

If there are any queries or problems do not hesitate to get in contact with ourselves or the office team.

Y6 Curriculum

The two Year 6 classes are currently taught by Mr Munro and Miss Cohen and they are supported by Mrs Butler,  Mrs Edwards and Miss Tramontana. Additionally, Mrs Smith work in both classes each week.

This section of the website will provide you with information about what is happening in Year Six. From time to time, we will add relevant photos, updated curriculum information and news. Most of this will be added to our blog so keep an eye out for these!

Year 6 is a year filled with many excellent opportunities and experiences for the children, however it does come with some extra responsibilities. Our topics this year are ‘A Whole New World' (Autumn), ‘Spaceship Earth’ (Spring) and ‘It’s All Greek to Me’ (Summer).

Year 6 Thematic Learning - Spring term 2021

Our topic this term is ‘Spaceship Earth’. During this topic, we will be exploring Space and our planet, Earth.  

In English, we will be using a range of books and film clips related to our curriculum to explore Space. We will start by writing a biography about the British astronaut Tim Peake. Next, we will be writing a narrative about being ‘Lost in Space…’. After half term, we will be using Star Wars to inspire writing suspense stories, and finally we will be using play scripts to help us create presentations about what we have learnt about our Space topic.

In Maths, we are starting by looking at percentages, before moving on to shape (area, perimeter, volume and properties) whilst also exploring formulas and some algebra.

In Science this term, our two topics are space and states of matter. We will be looking at the spherical bodies of our solar system, including their movements and the effects these have on our planet. When exploring states of matter, we will be investigation the properties of materials, grouping them appropriately, looking at how their states can be altered and how to separate these materials again. Excitingly, this includes using some sweets and treats to explore science!

This term we will focus on both History and Geography. In history, we will begin researching important physicists and astronomers, before comparing their theories. We will be using a range of sources to learn about important historical events such as the First Man in Space and the Moon Landings. As geographers, we will learn how our planet is shaped over time by nature, including rivers and the water cycle, as well as the impact humans are having on the environment.

In Art, this term we are going to be looking at using Google Doodle to inspire our own Space-themed drawings. Then, we will be developing our drawing techniques as we learn how to draw 3D objects before drawing our own planets scene.